Volunteer Schedules

Thank you for your service to our church! We appreciate you for giving of your time and energy to help our church run smoothly. Simply click on the area in which you volunteer from the list to the right.



Here, you will find worker schedules for [at least] the next month. If you are scheduled to work and cannot work the day listed, please notify the person in charge of the schedule you are on as soon as possible so that someone can cover your day. Also, please be courteous to others and faithful to your commitment to work. If you cannot fulfill your commitment for an extended period of time, please ask to be removed from the worker rotation until you care capable of filling your commitment. Thank You for your service!


Weekday Volunteers

We always Welcome volunteers! There are several times throughout the year when we are planning large projects and events that require as much planning and preparation as possible. Vacation Bible School, Fall Festival and Christmas season preparation are a few of those times. Be on the look-out for other areas to volunteer! Thank you for your faithful service!


Children's Church


First Impressions & Ushers

Trustees & Deacons

The Nursery Schedule Recurs by Week

1st Sunday

Sunday School: Pat Troup, Amy Knighton & Amy Adams


AM Service: Barbara Carson, Tammy Nichols & Rebecca Luker


PM Service: Jennifer Shaddix, Amanda Humphries & Lexi Bates


2nd Sunday

Sunday School: Haley Freeman, Gina Freeman & Haleigh Tyree


AM Service: Tracy Howard, Amanda Hines & Kim Gregory


PM Service: Allonah Lakey, Susan Spurlin & Kinsley Humphries


3rd Sunday

Sunday School: Brenda Harris, Kathy Beckman & Jessica Howard


AM Service: Maliea Bedford, Gina Roden & Courtney Watson


PM Service: Rikki Graben, Conda Gilchrist & Kinleigh Shaddix


4th Sunday

Sunday School: Cindy Bussey, Haley Freeman, & Morgan Turner


AM Service: Sheila Brown, Ashley Cochran & Lori Meeks


PM Service: Gwen Denham, Jimmy Denham & Charlotte Chandler


5th Sunday

Sunday School: Rikki Graben, Brittany Golson & Patty Hicks


Am Service: Pat Troup, Amy Knighton & Connie McKinnon


PM Service: Shanda Gregory, Kelly Chastain & Amber Birchfield      

1st Wednesday

Brittany Golson, Jennifer Shaddix & Keith Graben


2nd Wednesday

Susan Spurlin, Joel Spurlin & Michelle Alexander


3rd Wednesday

Fankie Williams, Rita Ankerich, & Gina Freeman


4th Wednesday

Tammy Nichols, Grant Nichols & Delbra Crowson


5th Wednesday

Brittany Golson, Jennifer Shaddix & Keith Graben

* If you are unable to work your scheduled time, please call Mrs. Brittany Golson*

Pre-K Children's Church


  • April 7th- Cindy and Danny Bussey
  • April 14th- Joel and Susan Spurlin
  • April 21st- Haleigh and Kinleigh
  • April 28th- Gina and Haley Freeman
  • May 5th- Toni and Channing Thomas
  • May 12th- Lori Meeks
  • May 19th- Connie and Danny McKinnon
  • May 26th- Lori and Kevin Woodrow
  • June 2nd- Cindy and Danny Bussey
  • June 9th- Joel and Susan Spurlin
  • June 16th- Haleigh and Kinleigh
  • June 23rd- Gina and Haley Freeman
  • June 30th- NO CHILDREN’s CHURCH



Elementary Children's Church


  • April 7th- Tracy and Jennifer Shaddix
  • April 14th- Courtney and C.C. Watson
  • April 21st- Shanda and Myles Gregory
  • April 28th- Tracy Howard and Jamie Mangham
  • May 5th- Craig Vinson, Chris and Kelly Chastain
  • May 12th- Barry and Amanda Humphries
  • May 19th- Shawn and Rita Ankerich
  • May 26th- Brittany and Adam Golson
  • June 2nd- Tracy and Jennifer Shaddix
  • June 9th- Courtney and C.C. Watson
  • June 16th- Shanda and Myles Gregory
  • June 23rd- Tracy Howard and Jamie Mangham



* If you are unable to work your scheduled time, please call Mrs. Shanda Gregory *

Month of April 2019

Sunday Services


Sunday, April 7

AM                                                 PM

Fred Crowson                               Tim Sprayberry

Terrell Gravitt                                Larry Brasher

Charles Roden                             Rob Cofield


Sunday, April 14

AM                                                 PM

Charles Montgomery                  Myles Gregory

Kevin Woodrow                            Ken Humphries

James Cline                                   Chris Chastain


Sunday, April 21

AM                                                 PM

Gary Beckman                             NO PM SERVICE

Terry Brown

Anthony Moses


Sunday, April 28

AM                                                 PM

Joel Spurlin                                   Grant Nichols

Larry Troup                                   Adam Golson

Frank Bannister                            Mike O'Brien

Mid-Week Services



Wednesday, April 3

Steve Hawkins

Charlie Birchfield

Keith Haywood


Wednesday, April 10

Horace Carson

Lee Robinson

Tommy Pope


Wednesday, April 17



Thursday, April 18

Shawn Ankerich

Donnie Cates

Dusty Mangham


Wednesday, April 24

Riley Fuhrhop

Jimmy Denham

Barry Humphries

* If you are unable to work your scheduled time, please call Mr. Ricky Gilchrist *

Month of April 2019

First Impressions


Vestibule Welcome

Joan Hudgins

Colleen Colvin


Vestibule Inside

Jimmy Denham

Addie Mae Light

Frankie Williams



Vestibule Welcome Table

Daphne Robinson


Educational Building Greeters

Ricky Gilchrist

Conda Gilchrist



Connie Mack Dobbs


Grant Nichols


John Howard


Lee Robinson


Jimmy Denham


Bobby Howell


Doug Freeman


Riley Fuhrhop


Ricky Gilchrist




* If you are unable to work your scheduled time, please call Mr. Grant Nichols *

Trustee of the Week


April 7-13:  Doug Freeman

April 14-20:  Keith Haywood

April 21-27:  Danny Bussey

April 28-May 4:  Gary Beckman



Deacon of the Week


Please check the schedule posted on the bulletin board in the Worship Center foyer.

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