Baptist Service Center Donations List:


Green/Yellow Canned Vegetables


Pork & Beens or Dry Beans


Soup or Fruit


Cereal or Pasta Dinners


Boxes of Crackers


Peanut Butter


Sugars 2 or 5 LB


Rice or Noodles


Corn Meal or Flour 2 or 5 LB


Cooking Oil


Canned Meat


Paper Products

The Season of Giving

by Horace Carson


  "...but whosoever will be great among you, let him be your minister; And whosoever will be chief among you, let him be your servant: Even as the Son of man came not to be ministered unto, but to minister, and to give his life a ransom for many." (Matthew 20:26b-28, KJV)

  Christmas time. A time of celebration of Christ the newborn King. a joyous time of year for many, but also a very difficult time of year for many. Whether emotional, physical or spiritual, we will always know someone who struggles to keep going. And it's our responsibility and great privilege to meet their needs.

  While we should always be on the lookout for those who are in need, being ready and willing to help and ease the burden, Christmas is a fantastic time of year to really get into it. And it's the perfect opportunity to involve your family, as you take time off for the holidays.

  The end of the year for many families is especially busy. With a schedule packed full of events, extended family visiting, and other details to attend to, it can be unfortunately easy to forget that there are still those in great need around us. We are called to be the hands and feet of Jesus and share His love with the world. What an amazing birthday gift to Him!

  Serving others does not have to be difficult or complicated. Integrating kindness into our regular routine can be meaningful and fun. Please see "Serving Others" below.

  By blessing and serving others, we truly grow in our relationship together and our relationship with Christ. When we stop focusing on ourselves so much and focus on others, great things can happen that shape our lives and who we are. When we are more focused on "loving God and loving our neighbors," we are experiencing biblical joy. And, nothing can top that.



Serving Others:

1. Visit a homeless shelter or soup kitchen and donate items.

2. If you don't have anything to donate, just spend time with those at shelters.

3. Sponsor an angel from the Salvation Army tree or a child from the Children's Home.

4. Donate money to an organization that provides Christmas to those in need.

5. Volunteer your talent (ex. musical talent) at nursing homes or hospitals.

6. Ask around community, work, or church to see if there is a family with a particular need that you might fulfill.

7. Shop local.

8. Donate time, money or food to the Calhoun Baptist Association Service Center.

     <--------------------------------Here's the List of items that the Service Center needs on a regular basis.

9. Volunteer at your local soup kitchen.

10. Bake goodies for local firemen, police officers, or EMT service providers.

11. Make up coupons for the elderly in the church/community that give them one free lawn mowing, leaf raking, or car washing when

       the weather clears up.

12. Practice random acts of kindness by buying lunch for someone in the drive through line.

13. Donate to the cause of your choice on behalf of someone else.

14. Volunteer to rind the bell for the salvation army.

15. Host a Christmas Dinner for the widows and widowers at your church.

16. Make blessing bags as a family to keep in your care to give to the homeless.

17. Recruit several families and adopt a nursing home. Buy a gift for each resident.

18. Send Christmas cards to military personnel away from home during the holidays.

19. Leave a Christmas card in your mailbox for the mail carrier or newspaper carrier.

20. Go caroling at the nursing home.

21. Take balloons or small gifts to the children's ward of your local hospital.

22. Prepare a meal together as a family and take it to a sick or elderly friend.

23. Encourage every member of your family to smile at others and thank them when appropriate.

24. Go to the grocery store together as a family and pick up items for your local food pantry.

25. Volunteer to babysit, as a family, for a couple with small children so that they can go out on a date.

26. Clean out your coat closet and take your old coats to a local shelter. If you really want to be generous purchase a new coat and take

       it to a local shelter.

27. If you have homeless people in your town, consider delivering gift cards or even hot hamburgers one winter day.

28. Invite someone new to your Thanksgiving or Christmas feast, perhaps someone who might not have a place to go otherwise. Your

       family will be blessed as will the person you invite.

29. Decorate small bags (or buy them) and fill bags with holiday goodies. Then deliver the goodies to those working on Christmas day,

       such as gas station attendants, cashiers, fast food workers, hospitals and nursing home workers, etc.